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Skidmore College

Racial Justice Initiative launched

September 1, 2020

As promised in his first day message to the Skidmore community on July 1, President Marc C. Conner has launched the Racial Justice Initiative, a yearlong series of projects that seek to address the realities of racial injustice locally, nationally and globally.  

Drawing on conversations with students, staff, faculty and community members, data gathered through a recent campus survey and leading national research, this highest strategic priority puts Skidmore on an immediate path to making improvements that will create a community of trust in which all members of the campus community feel welcome, represented, safe and supported.  

The work of this initiative will complement the larger work of diversity, equity and inclusion at Skidmore and will seek to achieve real and lasting healing and change, addressing long-standing concerns and current and emerging issues. Through meaningful dialogue, collaboration, creativity and thoughtful inquiries and engagements involving race and justice, Skidmore will seek to be a leader in institution-altering work that fosters an ever-increasingly inclusive and supportive environment. 

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