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Three questions with President Conner: A conversation about Ireland

March 17, 2021

Skidmore President Marc C. Conner and Jim Kennelly, professor of international business and management, discuss their shared connection to Ireland, its literature and its history in a video interview.

Kennelly describes Ireland as “near and dear” to both him and Conner and notes its “outsized impact on the world.”

Both Conner and Kennelly have traveled extensively to the island, published research about it, accompanied student groups and other learners on educational trips there, and taught courses about Irish history and culture. 

In the interview, Conner shares cherished memories from his many trips, discusses his own scholarly interests and describes his newly released lecture series, “The Great Tours: Ireland and Northern Ireland” — his third production for The Great Courses.

“One of my favorite parts of this work has been the truly world-wide audience they reach: I get emails and notes from people all over the world who have viewed some of these lectures and courses, and it’s really gratifying to get that international connection,” Conner said. “I see the courses as a very exciting educational mode. They’re used by retirement communities, home-schooling groups, college learners and many more.”

A literary scholar, Conner has published scholarly articles and two books about Irish literature and film. 

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