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Skidmore College

Faculty-Staff Achievements, September 12, 2017

September 12, 2017


Elzbieta Lepkowska-White

Elzbieta Lepkowska-White, professor of management and business, along with former student Catherine Chang '13, recently published an article titled "Meanings of Food among Polish and American Young Women" in the Journal of East-West Business (Vol. 23. Issue 3). She also published an article titled "Exploring the Challenges of Incorporating Social Media Marketing Strategies in the Restaurant Business" in the Journal of Internet Commerce (Vol. 16. Issue 3). And together with student Sarah Rinaolo '17 and Amy Parsons, professor of marketing at Kings College, she presented research titled "Challenges and Opportunities of Monitoring Social Media in Small Restaurants" at the 19th European Association for Education and Research in Commercial Distribution Conference in Dublin, Ireland.

Publications and Exhibitions

David Domozych
David Domozych

David Domozych, professor of biology, was co-author of three recently published papers: 1) "Pea border cell maturation and release involve complex cell wall structural dynamics" in Plant Physiology, (Vol. 17, June 2017); 2) "Cuticle Biosynthesis is Developmentally Regulated by Abscisic Acid" in Plant Physiology, (August 2017); and 3) "An oligogalacturonide-derived molecular probe demonstrates the dynamics of calcium-mediated pectin complexation in cell walls of tip-growing structures" in The Plant Journal (Vol. 91, August 2017).

Kristie Ford
Kristie Ford

Kristie Ford, professor of sociology, is the author of Facilitating Change through Intergroup Dialogue (2018, Routledge). According to the publisher, the book uses "a series of in-depth qualitative interviews and auto-ethnographies [to explore] how former IGD facilitators are applying what they learned to their personal and professional lives three to five years post-college."

In the News

Ben Givan, associate professor of music, had a letter to the editor titled "Charlie Parker's Rules" published in the Sept. 6 New York Times.

Eric Morser
Eric Morser

Eric Morser, associate professor of history, was quoted in a Sept. 2 Glens Falls Post Star story titled "States of Incarceration: Mount McGregor stories are part of national exhibit." Morser's course "Adventures in Public History: The Prison Project" had a group of students interview inmates and employees from the former Mt. McGregor Prison in Wilton, N.Y. That led in turn to the exhibition States of Incarceration at the Tang Museum. The Tang exhibit was also covered by the web newsletter ArtDaily.

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