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Skidmore College

Faculty-Staff Achievements

July 15, 2020

A study co-authored by Paul Arciero, professor of Paul Arcierohealth and human physiological sciences, was published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. The study, “Effects of Multi-ingredient Preworkout Supplements on Physical Performance, Cognitive Performance, Mood State, and Hormone Concentrations in Recreationally Active Men and Women,” was a collaboration between the Health and Human Physiological Sciences Department at Skidmore and the Neuromuscular Research Laboratory/Warrior Human Performance Research Center, Department of Sports Medicine and Nutrition, University of Pittsburgh.

Sarah DiPasquale, assistant professor of dance, Sarah DiPasqualepublished a paper, “Reframing Movement Modifications: Integrative Dance in a Collegiate Environment,” in the Journal of Dance Education. She describes the Bridges to Skidmore course she designed in the Dance Department, which invites community members with developmental and intellectual disabilities to engage in an integrative dance class. 

David Domozych, professor of biology, Li Sun, David Domozychcoordinator of the Skidmore Microscopy Imaging Center, Reagan Reed ’20, Eric Kang ’21 and researchers from Cornell University co-authored a research paper, “Experimental Manipulation of Pect in Architecture in the Cell Wall of the Unicellular Charophyte, Penium Margaritaceum,” in Frontiers in Plant Science. Domozych and Sun also co-authored two chapters in “The Plant Cell Wall: Methods in Molecular Biology,” Volume 2149: “Protoplast Isolation and Manipulation in the Unicellular Model Plant Penium margaritaceum," along with Eleanore Ritter ’18, Anna Lietz ’17 and Berke Tinaz ’16, and “Rapid Assessment of Cell Wall Polymer Distribution and Surface Topology of Arabidopsis Seedlings.”

Bernard Possidente, professor of biology,Bernard PossidenteSarita Lagalwarand Sarita Lagalwar, associate professor of neuroscience, in collaboration with colleagues at the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, published an article, “Robust light-dark patterns and reduced amyloid load in an Alzheimer’s disease transgenic mouse model,” in Scientific Reports, Vol. 10. The research was supported by a grant to Skidmore College from the Florence Petrlik Family Foundation.

Denise Smith, Tisch Family Distinguished Professor Denise Smithof Health and Human Physiological Sciences and director of the First Responder Health and Safety Laboratory at Skidmore, was one of the leading scientists on a series of studies that earned a prestigious award from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health for improving firefighter health and safety across the United States and abroad.

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