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Skidmore College

Faculty-Staff Achievements

September 16, 2020

Aurelia Ball

Aurelia Ball, assistant professor of chemistry, co-authored a paper, "A disordered encounter complex is central to the yeast Abp1p SH3 domain binding pathway," published in PLOS Computational Biology. Gaby Gerlach ’19 is the lead author on the paper, and Robyn Stix ’18 and Rachel Carrock ’22 are also co-authors. 

Chandra Veena

Veena Chandra, private music instructor, is featured in the new music video documentary “Beyond the Stars” by recording artist Taina Asili.  


Jenny DayJenny Day, associate professor of history, published "Mediating Sovereignty: The Qing legation in London and its diplomatic representation of China, 1876-1901"
in Modern Asian Studies.



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