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Skidmore College

Faculty-Staff Achievements

October 28, 2020

Kris Covey

Kris Coveyvisiting assistant professor of environmental studies and sciences, presented during Al Gore’s virtual 2020 Climate Underground Conference. In a presentation titled “The Soil Carbon Opportunity,” Covey and collaborator Bruno Basso of Michigan State University discussed field work done at Gore’s Caney Fork Farms in Tennessee by Zoe Pagliaro ’20, Shaylan Kolodney ’21 and Sylvan Suzhay ’22 and how it is part of a larger effort to unlock the potential of regenerative agriculture as a climate solution. The numbers Gore cites for carbon sequestration in the Reuters article “Weather disasters opening U.S. eyes to climate threats” are based on Covey’s Climate Underground presentation. 

Stephen Ives

Stephen J. Ives, associate professor of health and human physiological sciences, published a research paper in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, The Efficacy of Heart Rate Variability in Tracking Travel and Training Stress in Youth Female Rowers: A Preliminary Study, in collaboration with Julian Egan-Shuttler ’16 and Rohan Edmonds of Creighton University. 

Michael JanairoMichael Janairo, manager of communications and strategic initiatives at the Tang Teaching Museum, was awarded a prize for poetry written by a military family member in the annual Col. Darron L. Wright Memorial Writing Awards, administered by Line of Advance literary journal. His poem, "An Offering," is published in the anthology Our Best War Stories." 

Rebecca KreftingRebecca Krefting, chair and associate professor of American studies, was invited to contribute an essay“Minority Report: Joking About the Other,” to the new book Ethics in Comedy: Essays on Crossing the Line, edited by Steven Benko (McFarland & Co., 2020). 

Jason OhlbergJason Ohlberg, assistant professor of dance, led a panel presentation on decolonizing courses in dance history at the National Dance Education Organization’s annual conference, “Dismantling the Canon: Challenging Traditional Narratives to Reveal a More Complex History of Dance.” Ohlberg presented alongside colleagues Paula J. Peters, assistant professor at SUNY Fredonia, and Catherine Cabeen, associate professor at Marymount Manhattan College.  

Bradley Onishireligion and politics podcast hosted by Bradley Onishi, associate professor of religion, titled Straight White American Jesus,” is now an institutional partner with the Capps Center for Ethics, Religion, and Public Life at the University of California Santa Barbara. The show currently averages 45,000 downloads per month. 


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