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Skidmore College

Faculty-Staff Achievements

September 28, 2022


Paul Arciero, professor of health and human physiological sciences, was quoted in the article “10,000 steps vs. power walking: Are they equally beneficial?” in Medical News Today. 

Yelena Biberman, associate professor of political science, published “To support Afghan women activists, prioritize local knowledge over numbers” with Sophie Mae Berman ’22 on the Atlantic Council website. She was also quoted in the Business Insider article "Old men helped cause the Soviet Union's collapse. Historians say it's a warning sign for the United States." 

Jason Breves, associate professor and chair of the Biology Department, co-authored the article "Sex-specific responses to growth hormone and luteinizing hormone in a model teleost, the Mozambique tilapia” in General and Comparative Endocrinology. 

Hope Casto, associate professor of education studies, and colleagues from Cornell University have had a grant funded by the Administration for Children and Families, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The project is titled “An Examination of New Funding and Policies on Early Care and Education Access in Post-Pandemic New York State.” 

Kris Covey, assistant professor of environmental studies and sciences, and collaborators from the The Soil Inventory Project, which he co-founded, have received a $20 million grant from the USDA’s Climate Smart Commodities program. About $1.6 million will benefit Covey’s laboratory at Skidmore. 

Mark Huibregtse, professor of mathematics, has had an article “More Elementary Components of the Hilbert Scheme of Points,” accepted for publication by the Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics. 

Laurie Rabinowitz, assistant professor of education studies, co-authored the book chapter “Cross-Pollinating Teacher Education: Anti-racist Inclusive Lesson Planning in Writers Workshop” in Anti-racist Teacher Education: Theory and Practice, Vol. 1 (Rowman & Littlefield).  


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