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Skidmore College
Office of Student Academic Affairs

Academic Integrity

The Honor Code

The Skidmore Honor System was established at the request of the student body in 1921. Each student, in matriculating at Skidmore College (or engaging in any Skidmore-sponsored activity or program as a non-matriculated student), agrees to the following code:

I hereby accept membership in the Skidmore College community and, with full realization of the responsibilities inherent in membership, do agree to adhere to honesty and integrity in all relationships, to be considerate of the rights of others, and to abide by the college regulations.

All members of the Skidmore College community, including students, faculty, and staff, are parties to the honor contract and are expected to abide by its provisions. The Honor Code covers all aspects of integrity, whether academic or social. Every Skidmore student is required by the Honor Code to become thoroughly conversant with the standards of academic and social integrity that prevail at the college. The Integrity Board and the Board of Appeals will not regard claims of ignorance, of unintentional error, and of academic or personal pressures as an adequate defense for violations of the Honor Code.

Honor Code Statement

Because the College functions as a tightly integrated community of curricular and co-curricular experiences, a strict allegiance to its standards of conduct is essential for every student's well-being and intellectual growth. Students should make certain they understand the high value we place on honesty, cooperation, and consideration and the penalties the College imposes for infractions in these areas. Skidmore not only promotes intellectual honesty vigorously but severely punishes such offenses as plagiarism and cheating on exams.

The Honor Code Commission requires students to write on their tests and exams the following statement:

While taking this examination, I have not witnessed any wrongdoing, nor have I personally violated any conditions of the Skidmore College honor code.