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Skidmore College
Schick Art Gallery


"Palette Maestro"
November 7 - December 14, 2008
Curator: Rosanne Raab

Reception: Friday, November 7, 6:30-7:30 pm

Related Event:
2008 Rosanne Brody Raab Visiting Artist Lecture
with jeweler & metalsmith Sharon Church*
Monday, November 10, 6:00 pm, Gannett Auditorium, Palamountain Hall
*Sponsored by Rosanne Brody Raab '55 and the Department of Art
Sharon Church is an alumna of the Skidmore Class of 1970 and a former student of Earl Pardon

The jewelry of Earl Pardon is perhaps best understood in the context of his involvement in the field of art. Exhibiting widely, he received awards and commissions in jewelry, enameling, painting and sculpture. As a professor of art, he taught courses in enameling and jewelry in the Art Department at Skidmore College for more than 30 years. He began teaching at Skidmore in 1951, served as department chair for nine years (1968-1977), and retired in the spring of 1989. He devoted himself to studio work in jewelry, often producing a new piece a day, until his death in 1991. This exhibition demonstrates a selection of the late artist's works including objects (flatware, bowls, sculpture, wall pieces, etc.), and a large collection of jewelry, in sterling silver and a variety of metals and wood, ebony, enamel, semi-precious stones, and other materials.

Earl Pardon, Mosaic Panel Necklace, 1987 
Earl Pardon, Mosaic Panel Necklace, 1987, enamel, semi-precious stones, ebony, mother of pearl, sterling silver, 14K gold,19 1/2" L x 1" W, Private collection, Photo by: Murray Riss, Memphis, TN

Earl Pardon, Cocktail Ring, 1960's
Earl Pardon, Cocktail Ring, 1960's,sterling silver, silver wire, pearls, amethyst, 1.5" x 1.5/8", Private collection

Earl Pardon, Brooch, ca.1983
Earl Pardon, Brooch, ca.1983, ebony, 14k gold, sterling silver, semi-precious stones, 2" L, Private collection

Photos by: Murray Riss, Memphis, TN


Pardon Artist CV

Historical Background - from the Curator

Earl Pardon returned to Memphis upon completion of his tour of duty during World War II and enrolled in the Memphis Academy of Arts under the GI Bill. He studied painting and sculpture in a traditional program that focused on European art history and its influence on art in America. As a student, Pardon was required to take a craft course at Memphis. This was his initial exposure to jewelry making, an art form that immediately fascinated him with its creative potential.

During the summers of 1948 and 1950, Pardon attended the National Silversmiths' Conference sponsored by Handy and Harman. Swedish silversmith Erik Fleming and Reginald Hill of the Central School of Art in London taught the workshops at The Rochester Institute of Technology. They provided smithing techniques outside of an industrial setting, enabling participants to integrate traditional technical skills of painting and sculpture with the metal arts. more


Design by Earl Pardon, Elan 5 pc. setting for Old Newbury Crafters
Design by Earl Pardon, Elan 5 pc. setting for Old Newbury Crafters, Artisans: Bob Lapham and Geoffrey Blake, 1962, sterling silver, Collection Old Newbury Crafters