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Skidmore College
Schick Art Gallery


NeedleLittleLove is a collaborative sewing / embroidery project for the Skidmore community – all students, faculty, and staff are welcome to participate.  It’s a way to make something together, and through the process, create new lines of communication across the community.

How it works:

Come to the Saisselin Art Building between March 15 and April 9 to select your 9 x 9 inch fabric.  Pick-up site is Room 201, just across from the Schick Art Gallery, and hours are 11 - 4. If you need Saisselin access, just call from the main entrance - phone number is posted there.  Needle, thread, and embroidery hoop also available. All free!

Take your material home and sew, embroider, create to your heart’s content. (You may also paint on your fabric, collage other materials onto it…etc.!)

For NeedleLittleLove sew-ers who want a little direction, thematic ideas are offered at the pick-up site (but are not mandatory.) 

Complete your piece and bring it back to the Schick Gallery by April 19.   

Between April 20 and 28 a volunteer team will compose and attach all the squares onto backing fabric.

Then -  the good lord willing and the Covid not rising - Skidmore’s NeedleLittleLove wall hanging will be on view in the Art Building April 29 – May 4.

Below are a couple videos you might want to check out.


Basic sewing instruction videos 

Note: these are on a continuous loop, but you can advance or repeat.
Instruction includes: running stitch; back stitch; split stitch; stem stitch; chain stitch; straight stitch; French knot; lazy daisy; blanket stitch; woven wheel; fishbone; satin stitch;

Questions? Contact Sasha Fishstein
or Rebecca Shepard