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Skidmore College

Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct
Resources and Information

If there is immediate risk to health or safety, please contact Campus Safety at 518-580-5566 or local police at 911

Trained sexual and gender-based misconduct support specialists for reporting individuals

The sexual and gender-based misconduct (SGBM) support specialist is a Skidmore Community staff or faculty member, appointed by the Dean of Student affairs, who is trained to support the reporting individual.

  • While students can elect not to use an SGBM support specialist, students are strongly encouraged to choose and to work with an SGBM support specialist.
  • SGBM support specialists are available at the request of the reporting individual.
  • Reporting individuals may choose from a diverse list of potential SGBM support specialists and may switch SGBM support specialists at any point should they choose.
  • SGBM support specialists provide information and advice regarding the college’s sexual and gender-based misconduct policy and the campus conduct process.
  • The SGBM support specialist may assist the reporting individual throughout the campus conduct process, including being present at the conduct commenting session. SGBM support specialists may not speak at the commenting session.
  • In consultation with other college officials or faculty members where appropriate, an SGBM support specialist may assist in arranging accommodations, which may include:
    • Change of on-campus student housing to different on-campus location
    • Exam (paper, assignment) rescheduling
    • Taking an incomplete in a class
    • Transferring of sections
    • Alternative course-completion options

Victim advocates

As part of their positions at Skidmore College, individuals designated as victim advocates work to support and assist victims of sexual misconduct. Students who have experienced sexual misconduct can seek help from victim advocates knowing that those staff members will not report identifying details about the assault. This status is not legally protected in the same way that disclosures to mental health or health care providers or college chaplains are.

Jen MacDonald

Jen McDonald
Director, Health Promotion

Kim Golemboski

Kim Golemboski
Prevention Specialist, Health Promotion

Wendy Walker

Wendy Walker
Prevention Specialist

Trained Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct support specialists for Reporting Individuals

Denise McQuade

Denise McQuade
Senior Teaching Associate, Biology

Brenda Pashley

Brenda Pashley
Academic Counselor and Tutor Coordinator
Student Academic Services

Eun-sil Lee

Eun-sil Lee
Coordinator of Upperclassman Initiatives
Opportunity Program