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Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct
Resources and Information

If there is immediate risk to health or safety, please contact Campus Safety at 518-580-5566 or local police at 911

SGBM responsible employee training video

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 defines “responsible employees” as those employees who:

  • have the authority to take action to redress harassment;
  • have the duty to report to appropriate school officials sexual harassment or any other misconduct by students or employees; or who
  • a student could reasonably believe has this authority or responsibility.

At Skidmore, all employees, including student resident assistants, are responsible employees*. As such, they are required by Title IX and college policy to report any information they have concerning possible sexual and gender-based misconduct (which are defined in the sexual and gender-based misconduct policy). This means that information about sexual or gender-based misconduct shared with a faculty or staff person is not confidential.

Responsible employees are often the first to witness or hear from a student or employee about behavior that may constitute sexual harassment and sexual or gender-based misconduct misconduct. According to Title IX, when a responsible employee has such information, the college is deemed to possess that knowledge and is obligated to take actions intended to stop the behavior, prevent its recurrence and remedy its effects.

By reporting the information to the Title IX coordinator or Title IX deputy coordinator, the responsible employee enables the college to fulfill its legal obligation to assess the information and determine what action is called for. In this way, responsible employees contribute to a learning environment where sexual and gender-based misconduct are discouraged and promptly addressed.

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*Exceptions to this designation are limited to victim advocates and staff in the Counseling Center and Health Services. 

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