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Skidmore Cares Friday


“Care to Connect, Care to Give”

Caring, connecting and giving are at the heart of Skidmore Cares.

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Each year, we pause during the holiday season to gather the Skidmore faculty, staff and their families in a meaningful way to connect with one another by giving back. In doing so, Skidmore Cares offers us an opportunity to strengthen our campus community while building bonds of friendship with our local community.

Giving to others also helps us to appreciate the needs of the greater Saratoga community and our place in it.

This year, contributions to Skidmore Cares benefit:  Shelters of Saratoga, Franklin Community Center, Mary's Haven, Saratoga Economic Opportunity Council, Wellspring, Corinth Central School District, Saratoga Springs City School District PATHS, the Latino Advocacy Program, Salvation Army, and Saratoga Center for the Family.

These community groups are counting on us. Many community groups can’t keep up with demand, especially during the holiday season.

“You see these shelters that may be completely bare bones … you feel at that moment that you’ve made a difference.” — Megan Buchanan, associate athletic director

Coming together as a campus community to give back matters.  In Saratoga County, 7 percent of households fall under federal poverty guidelines. Another 21 percent are considered “struggling” according to the United Way.

Gathering our families during the holidays reminds us that being good neighbors is important. A sudden job loss, medical debt or other issue can touch us all. Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable.

Our collective caring makes a difference. Even small gifts may mean a meal for someone in need. Across campus, teams collect items of particular need to community organizations and schools.

We are stronger together and inspire each other to give back as a community. Since 2006, Skidmore Cares has raised over $100,000 for community causes. We’ve also distributed more than 38,000 items.

Skidmore Cares
Friday, December 6, 2019
3-7:30 p.m.
Scribner House

Join us to celebrate fourteen years of gathering to give! Connect with Skidmore colleagues and families and add your contribution to the sleigh.

It’s a constant struggle to keep up with the demand. In December, we know that Skidmore Cares is coming with a large food donation and we rely on it.
Kari Cushing, Executive Director
Franklin Community Center

Skidmore President Philip A. Glotzbach and his wife, Marie, initiated the program 13 years ago and since then the college community has donated to nonprofit agencies and schools throughout Saratoga County a total of

cash donations over 13 years
food items and school supplies collected over 13 years
food items and school supplies collected in 2018


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