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Skidmore College
Skidmore Cares

“Care to Connect, Care to Give”

Caring, connecting and giving are at the heart of Skidmore Cares.

Marc & Barbara Conner

Each year, the Skidmore community pauses during the holiday season to gather in a meaningful way to connect with one another by giving back through Skidmore Cares. In doing so, we strengthen our campus community while building our bonds of friendship with the local community. While this year's Skidmore Cares will look different than in years past, our tradition continues and celebrates 15 years of your generosity. Supporting others truly helps us to appreciate the needs of the greater Saratoga community and our place in it.

This year, contributions to Skidmore Cares benefit Shelters of Saratoga, Franklin Community Center, Mary's Haven, Saratoga Economic Opportunity Council, Wellspring, Corinth Central School District, Saratoga Springs City School District PATHS, the Latino Advocacy Program, Salvation Army and Saratoga Center for the Family.

Please join President Marc Conner, his wife Barbara and fellow faculty, staff, retirees and students in participating in Skidmore Cares. Find your suggested donation on the Donation Items page, as well how you can directly contribute to each organization should you wish to do so.

Though we won’t be able to gather in one place to celebrate, we can still achieve our goals of working together to give back to our community. Community agencies are counting on us to help keep up with growing demand, especially during the upcoming holiday season.

Barb and I are so proud to be joining this great Skidmore and Saratoga Springs tradition. Giving back to our communities is perhaps more important than ever, as our neighbors and community agencies face new challenges created or intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, we can share hope and possibility with everyone in our community.
President Marc C. Conner

There is real need right here in our community. Kari Cushing, executive director of Franklin Community Center, shared that “COVID-19 has caused a big influx in the number of people who are relying on our services. As of September, we have had 444 new families visit our food pantry. These are families who have never before had to use our services and are now relying on our food pantry to keep their families fed. In addition, we are serving much larger families than we historically have due to adult children moving back in with their parents.”

This year has reminded us that being good neighbors is important. A sudden job loss, illness or other issue can impact any of us. Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable.

Our collective caring makes a difference. Even small gifts mean a meal for someone in need, and every donation adds up. Across campus, teams based on location collect items particularly critical to community organizations and schools.

We inspire each other to give back. Since 2006, Skidmore Cares has raised over $122,000 for community causes. We’ve also distributed more than 53,000 food items, toiletries and school supplies.

Skidmore Cares
Monday, Nov. 9 - Friday, Nov. 13, 2020
8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
Surrey-Williamson Inn

Join us in celebrating 15 years of giving back! Drive up to the Surrey and drop off your donations at the Skidmore Cares donation tables outside. We’ll make sure your contribution reaches local agencies in need.

*If you are unable to drop off your donations during these times, please contact Megan Buchanan or Michelle Hubbs to make arrangements.

President Conner and Barbara Reyes-Conner will be at the Surrey to help collect donations at the following times:

11 a.m.-noon Tuesday, Nov. 10
1:30-2:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 11
1-2 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 12


Skidmore’s seventh President Philip A. Glotzbach and his wife Marie initiated the program in 2006. President Marc C. Conner and his wife Barbara continue the tradition, building upon our community’s generosity and the program’s success in supporting nonprofit agencies and schools throughout Saratoga County.

cash donations over 14 years
food items and school supplies collected over 14 years
food items and school supplies collected in 2019