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Skidmore College

Why Skidmore? Finding what I like, and going for it [Video]

June 13, 2019
by Lexi Parker '19

From managing the men’s basketball team to creating lesson plans in the Education Department and even chowing down on my favorite mac and cheese at Druther's in downtown Saratoga Springs, I'm a fan of the many opportunities available to students at Skidmore. 

But if you asked me what truly makes Skidmore exceptional, I'd say: Dedicated and supportive faculty.

Hear me reminisce below on my time here and share my honest thoughts on what it means to be a Skidkid. 


I'm Lexi Parker, I'm Class of 2019 and I'm from Lake George, New York. I'm an education major and an American studies minor. Last semester I student taught, so I got to teach in a sixth-grade and a third-grade classroom.  

The education major is so much fun. We get to work with kids. We get to work at the pre-school on campus. We get to go out into local schools and meet different teachers and get to work with kids all the time. It's just a really fun major to be in. 

I also work for the men's basketball team. I've been the team manager for the last four years at Skidmore. By far, that is my favorite job I have ever had on campus. It's my favorite thing to do. I go to all the games, practices, I travel with them. I spend the majority of my free time with them. 

Besides that, I also work for Life at Skidmore, writing different blog posts about my time at Skidmore and things prospective students may not know about Skidmore, so that they can see why students here love it so much.  

Don't be afraid to pursue your interests. That's what Skidmore is all about — finding what you really like and going for it without hesitation.