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Skidmore College

Learning to rewrite the ‘perfect’ plan

October 21, 2019
by Eva Jones '21

Skidmore is the best choice I ever made. But the truth is, it wasn’t my first choice. 

When I was in high school, I thought I knew exactly how my life should pan out. 

If I put academics before all else, focused entirely on my college application and pushed and pushed until I had all the extracurriculars they say you need, I’d capture that sought-after competitive edge, become the “perfect” applicant and get into the “perfect” college. 

I was constantly stressed, but my anxiety about the future only drove me to work harder and force myself to fit the mold of what I thought college admissions offices wanted. 

Then my greatest high school fears came true in the form of a rejection letter. Then another. And another. I was rejected by all the colleges where I thought I belonged. 

I was crushed and overwhelmed with uncertainty now that my “perfect” plan had seemingly failed. But I wasn’t about to give up. 

I shifted my attitude. I revisited my own expectations and beliefs to really, deeply consider where I wanted to be. And with a clean slate and an open mind, things began to feel a little different.  

Soon, my choice was clear: Skidmore. 

Eva Jones

You see, through the rejections, I discovered that stereotypes and public pressures had defined my strict life plan. As hard as I was working, I wasn’t in the driver’s seat at all. Rather, the mold I was forcing myself into — trying to be the “perfect” student — was leading the way. 

It wasn’t until I came to Skidmore that I realized what it’s really like to have a choice. It wasn’t until I let go of that mold that I felt free to truly explore. 

And the more I let go, the more I’m learning. 

At Skidmore, I’m learning that the right college for me is one with freedom and creativity built into its culture, where going beyond the walls of a single department or perspective is more powerful than a singular path. 

At Skidmore, I’m learning to pick classes I actually want to take, study what I want to know more about and do things because I’m interested in them. 

At Skidmore, I'm learning how to connect with amazing, dedicated professors and a tight-knit community that’s passionate about every field from classical mythology to microbiology.

At Skidmore, I’m learning that people can encourage and inspire you to explore different clubs and events with a common goal: understanding and expressing your most authentic self. 

At Skidmore, I'm learning how to rewrite my “perfect” life plan. 

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the people I’ve met here. I’m confident that, no matter my plan, my future will be filled with countless possibilities, thanks to Skidmore.   

About the Author

Eva Jones

Eva is a management and business major with a minor in English from Washington, Connecticut. At Skidmore, she's preparing for her dream job: business consulting on sustainability, fair labor and ethical practices. When she's not studying, you can probably find her wandering through the North Woods or buried in a book at a local coffee shop.