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Skidmore College

Q&A with transfer student, Charlotte Squire

Charlotte SquireHometown: Portland, Maine / Denver, CO

Major: Major in history, minors in studio art, media and film studies, and classics

Activities: GM of WSPN 91.1 FM, VP for Lively Lucy’s Coffeehouse and Coordinator of Falstaff’s (the campus music venue), public programming intern at Skidmore’s Tang Museum

Why did you decide to transfer to Skidmore?
I wanted to be at a school where having interdisciplinary interests was considered an asset, not a challenge. Skidmore allows me to pursue my varying academic interests and to have a rich extracurricular life, both of which prepare me for life after graduation.

What does Skidmore offer you that your previous college did not?
Skidmore has a more active and interested student body than I’ve seen at any other college. My art classes are filled with people from in and outside of the art department, I’ll go to a concert on campus and see athletes, musicians, business majors, and more. It’s really refreshing to not have to be stuck in a box based on one or two interests or hobbies.

What advice do you have for others considering transferring to Skidmore?
You should go to a college that you love. There is no “perfect school,” but transferring changed my view of college from “just getting through four years” to waking up every day excited about the things and people I would see that day. Putting myself out there definitely helped, but everyone was so welcoming and inviting that I didn’t need to be super-extroverted to feel like I fit in.

Are you glad you transferred? Why? Why not?
I’m so glad I transferred! Skidmore has helped me grow as an academic, artist, and person. I’ve had so many opportunities here that I wouldn’t get anywhere else.

What are your future hopes/plans?
I spent the summer interning with a music marketing agency, and I love booking and running the concerts and running the radio station. I’m looking at a few graduate programs and applying to jobs at record labels, radio stations, and music magazines. I want to continue to work with my passion for art, music, and media and to help promote the voices and interests of artists from marginalized backgrounds.