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Skidmore College

Q&A with transfer student Nakeysa Hooglund '22

Nakeysa HooglundHometown: Belgrade Lakes, Maine

High School: North Stafford High School

Activities: Environmental studies major with an English minor
Transfer peer mentor, Office of Student Diversity Programs.

Why did you decide to transfer to Skidmore?
I previously attended a school where I experienced microaggressions and prejudicial attacks from other students. When I began my search for a new college, I spoke to Skidmore representatives and they gave me detailed information about how the College handles racial insensitivity. That, along with an amazing and comforting interview I had with a Skidmore alum, made me feel that I would get the chance to prosper at Skidmore as a woman of color. I was also amazed by the number of clubs and events on campus. I felt there would be more opportunities to meet like-minded people and make friends at Skidmore.

What does Skidmore offer you that your previous college did not?
So much! There is such a diverse selection of classes, clubs, and events at Skidmore. There seems to be a place for almost anyone to fit in here. I feel challenged by my professors to expand my boundaries. I love how my education continues outside of the classroom as I attend lots of talks, plays, and club meetings. Skidmore has also provided me with safe spaces, resources, and good friends.

What advice do you have for others considering transferring to Skidmore?
Do not be afraid to ask questions! Before I transferred to Skidmore, someone was always available via email or phone to answer my questions. If you decide Skidmore could be the place for you, then I recommend that you join clubs and attend events, including transfer events. It will help you make friends and assimilate so much quicker. There are so many people on campus who will welcome you with open arms and a friendly smile.

Are you glad you transferred? Why?
Absolutely. I have loved my time here at Skidmore. Here, it’s possible for me to be myself and make friends who love and cherish me. I have had opportunities here that I know I couldn't have anywhere else.

What's the best part of Skidmore so far?
The best thing about Skidmore is that there isn't a SINGLE best thing. I love the education I am getting, I have so much respect for my professors, I get to attend amazing events and activities, I have made wonderful friends, and so much more. Skidmore is a special place.

What are your future hopes/plans?
As an environmental studies major I hope to have a career involved in environmental justice.