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Skidmore College
Asian Studies


AS Major for students who entered Skidmore in fall 2015 and beyond (Class of 2019 and beyond):

  1. Language: At least four semesters of one Asian language from the point of placement at Skidmore or approved programs. Students are encouraged to spend a year in an approved program in Asia and to continue their language studies throughout the major.
  2. Language across the curriculum: 2 credits in AS 340, WLC 340, WLJ 340, WLX 340I, or WLX 340K to be completed in the senior year in conjunction with Asian Studies Senior Seminar or earlier.
  3. Foundation: At least three courses are required as follows:
    (Note: Not all AS foundation courses fulfill all-college breadth requirements. Please consult individual course descriptions.)
    a. AS 101 Introduction to Asian Studies;
    b. History and Society: one course from the approved courses listed below:
    AN 252 (when applicable); WLL 267; HI 144; HI 242; HI 247;SO 215
    c. Arts and Humanities: one course from the approved courses listed below:
    AH 104; AH 202; AH 206; AS 221; WLC 210; WLJ 210; WLL 241; WLL 242; WLL 257; WLL 258; WLL 259; MU 309; MU 310; MU 344 or MU 345 (when offered as "Music in Southeast Asia"); PH 215; PR 214;
    RE 213;RE 220

  4. Junior year:
    a. Study in Asia: language study and practice; varying culture courses, for at least three 300-level credits on Asia; or
    b. At Skidmore: at least three 300-level credits in Asian Studies; electives will continue language study and develop comparative and disciplinary focus.

  5. Senior year: At least 7 credits at the 300 level, five of which must be as follows:

    a. LI 371 - Independent Study (in fall)
    b. AS 374 - Approaches to Asian Studies (in fall)
    c. AS 375 - Asian Studies Senior Seminar (in spring)

1. Completion of all-college requirements and disciplinary prerequisites for advanced courses by the end of the sophomore year is recommended.
2. No single course can count toward more than one requirement.

The Writing Requirement in the Major:

As an interdisciplinary major committed to communication across cultures, languages, and disciplines, Asian Studies proposes different paths to students as they hone their writing skills within multiple disciplines and come together in the senior year for a capstone experience that recognizes the various disciplinary perspectives within which students have been working. As writers, Asian Studies students pay particular attention to clarity as they cross disciplinary, cultural, and linguistic boundaries. They learn to observe disciplinary expectations, to integrate disciplinary perspectives in their study of Asia, and to express themselves effectively and clearly. They are particularly attentive to language as it embeds and carries cultural assumptions and presuppositions. They are alert to national, cultural, ethnic, political, and gender differences and are expected to be able to analyze complex and interconnected cross-cultural issues, using a multidisciplinary approach. Students fulfill the writing requirement in the Asian Studies major upon successful completion of AS101, Introduction to Asian Studies, and AS375, Asian Studies Senior Seminar. Other coursework in the categories of (a) History and Society and (b) Arts and Humanities incorporate written work that further develops writing skills.

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