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Skidmore College
Center for Leadership, Teaching and Learning (CLTL)

Student Voices

What does effective teaching look like to you? 

"I appreciate when professors make themselves available, set fair and reasonable expectations, and are organized and prepared for each class. 

Split, Pair, Share, is a technique which is when students are split in groups of 2, both equally share their thoughts, and then come back to the whole class discussion and share out what they talked about. Thisstrategy is a great way to make sure everyone in the class is participating and engaged during the discussion. It also allows everyone to share with one another while taking some of the pressure off of a whole group discussion. 

Since I am a hands-on-learner, I appreciate when a professor encourages interactive learning and give students creative options for final projects."

Lila Norton

"An effective teacher is someone who makes learning engaging and takes their time to make sure students really understand before moving on.

I think a great teaching style is one that is flexible among all types of learners and one that is repetitive so that everyone has the chance to fill in gaps that could be missing. 

Excellent teaching looks different in every classroom because everyone’s teaching and learning styles are different. Each subject has challenges that make it confusing for students to understand or engage, but effective teachers are aware of these challenges and work through them with their students instead of pushing their students through the material in a standardized manner. "

Cheyenne Tanner-Cotman

"Effective teaching centers communitylearning and growth as the goal of teaching. I think good teaching allows for collaboration between the teacher and the student—one that benefitsboth the student and faculty. This sharedexperience incorporates both the livedexperiences of student and teacher and emphasizes the exchange of knowledge. The act of this exchange is what promoteslearning and personal growth for both. 

Universal Design Learning, I believe, represents what the futuregoals of all educators could aim for. We need to center the wholecommunity and keep in account the identities the community holds to bettercraft curriculum that resonates and challenges. "

Michael DeCarlen-Bumiller