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Skidmore College
Communications & Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I have my own logo for my department/program?
Having a strong branding and identity is very important to give a sense of unity to official publications, stationery, web sites, and other forms of communication.  You can review the Graphic Standards Manual for more information.

Why can't I use yellow for text?
Yellow text on a white background does not provide sufficient contrast for most viewers, and the use of color text without accompanying black and white text can be a violation of ADA regulations.  For these and aesthetic design reasons, the CMS limits the colors available for text. [See also Colors and Web Design.]

Why do I have to use the Faculty/Majors/Minors/Courses convention on my academic CMS site?
User studies prior to the implementation of CMS indicated that visitors in search of this information had difficulties locating it.  In order to better serve the target population for academic information (prospective students and families, and current students), the information for those 4 links is standard across all academic sites.  It is pulled directly from the online college catalog, and may be updated by contacting the catalog administrator (with confirmation from the Curriculum Committee and the Dean of the Faculty.)   [See also Academic CMS design.]

I have an amazing print brochure that I want to make into a web page!  How can you help me?
The Web Development team will make every attempt to help you communicate the major points of your printed material via a web page, but users need to recognize that the web is an entirely different medium, and most print pieces cannot be directly reproduced on the internet.  (Refer to General Web Design Standards and ADA Compliance for a few reasons why this is the case.)  What is normally done is that key graphics are copied and used in the website, along with important text, to give a general "feel" of the printed piece.  If the file is small enough for uploading, a link to a full PDF version of the printed material is usually offered alongside the abridged web version.  If the print piece is too large to be uploaded, a link to request a copy can be provided.

Why doesn't the college web design exactly match the college wordmark colors?
The Pantone colors used by Skidmore in print pieces do not always render well on various web browsers, or can provide difficulties with proper text/background contrast levels, or are otherwise unsuitable for web design.  The Web Development team has provided a list of colors for use in Skidmore websites.  [See also Colors and Web Design.]



This policy is adapted from the RIT policy on web design standards. This policy is subject to change as new standards are deeemed necessary. This version is based on the 2009 edition of the Graphic Standards manual, but contains more up-to-date information and thus shall be considered the official statement regarding web design standards. If you have any questions, or wish to report an error, please contact the Web Development team of the Office of Communications and Marketing.