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Skidmore College
Computer Science Department

Student research opportunities

Student research presentation

In 2018-2019, Skidmore students presented their research at the student summer research presentations, Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges – Northeast Region conference held in University of New Haven, as well as at the Skidmore Academic festival CS poster session.

Here are some frequently asked questions about undergraduate research in Computer Science.

Research experience prepares students for demands of both graduate school and the job market. Research projects give you the opportunity to apply what you have learned in class. You also get first-hand experience at working on innovative solutions to real-world problems. If you are doing well in classes, you should consider doing research – research projects are open-ended, take longer time to solve and are typically more challenging.

Talk to the faculty whose research interests match yours.

Prof. Mike Eckmann’s research interests are in computer vision and graphics.

Prof Tom O’ Connell’s current research interest is in developing heuristic algorithms for hard computational problems.

Prof. Aarathi Prasad’s research interests include mobile and wearable computing, and usable security and privacy.

Prof. David Read’s research interests focus on data integration, semantics and security.

Prof. Christine Reilly’s current research interests are data mining in social networks, distributed data storage systems, and computer science education.

A one-credit research course CS275H, gives you a chance to try out research with a particular faculty member, while spending as few as three hours every week during the semester. Skidmore also has a Summer Faculty Student Research Program that allows you and a faculty to apply for an 8- or 10-week paid research experience.