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Skidmore College
Computer Science Department


Students majoring in computer science fulfill the departmental requirements by completing the following:

  1. Required computer science courses:  CS 206, CS 230, CS 305CS 306, and CS 318.

  2. Required MC course:  MC 215In MC 215, students will acquire writing skills that are necessary to work on advanced material in mathematics and will fulfill the writing requirement in the major.

  3. Required mathematics course: MA 200.

  4. Electives: Three courses as follows:

    a. one CS or MC course at the 200 level or above (excluding CS 275, CS 275H, CS 371, CS 381, and CS 382). With permission of the department, a student may instead take a course in another discipline that has substantial computer science content.

    b. two CS courses at the 300 level (excluding CS 371, CS 381, and CS 382).

No more than 8 credit hours of S/U can be used toward the major.

The following courses must be taken for a letter grade: MC 215, CS 305, CS 306, CS 318, CS 381, CS 382

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