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Skidmore College
Dean of the Faculty/Vice President for Academic Affairs



Function:  to assist the Faculty Assessment Coordinator in the promotion, facilitation, and coordination of efforts in the College-wide assessment of student learning.  The committee will refer any policy matters relating to assessment to CEPP for recommendation to the faculty and administration.  The Faculty Assessment Coordinator will chair the committee.

Membership: Four faculty (one of whom would be the Faculty Assessment Coordinator; another of whom would be a CEPP representative); Director of Institutional Research (or designee); Director of FYE; Dean of Studies; Associate Dean of Students/Director of the SAS; Director of Career Services; Special Programs representative, two student representatives.

     Sarah Goodwin, Faculty Assessment Coordinator, Chair
  Erica Bastress-Dukehart, CEPP representative
  Denise Smith, faculty member at large
  Susan Walzer, faculty member at large
  Beau Breslin, Director of First Year Experience (FYE)
  Ann Henderson, Registrar & Director Institutional Research
  Sue Layden, Associate Dean of Student Affairs
  Michael Ennis-McMillan, Dean of Studies
  Michael Profita, Director of Career Services
  Jim Chansky, Special Programs representative
  Claire Solomon '10, VP for Academic Affairs, student rep
  TBD - student rep

CAMPUS ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE (subcommittee of IPPC)  Appointed

Function:  To review and recommend environmental policies and procedures in such areas as waste management, purchasing, recycling, energy use, water and air quality.

2009 Robert Jones, Economics
2010 Kim Marsella, Geosciences, Co-Chair (F'08)                                       
2010 Carol Schnitzer, Purchasing, Admin/Prof Rep
2010 Dan Rodecker, Facilities Services, Admin/Prof Rep
2011 Mary Lynn, American Studies
2011 Mike Hall, Financial Planning
2011 John Sanders, IT Rep
2011 Erica Fuller, Co-Chair (S'09)
2009 Dawn Harfman '10, Student Rep
  Andy Setwin '11, SGA Senator


     Larry Britt, Campus Safety, Chair
  Kristin Drabek, Alumni Affairs & College Events
  Sherry Ankeny, Athletics
  Darren Bennett, Athletics
  Dan Green, Information Technology
  Kathy Guay, Information Technology
  Deanne Palmer, Information Technology
  Hunt Conard, Media Services
  TBD - SGA Senator to be appointed F'08
  TBD - student to be appointed F'08


    Andrew Skinner, Physics
  William Standish, Physics, Coordinator
  David Vella, Mathematics & Computer Science
  Pierre von Kaenel, Mathematics & Computer Science


    Karen Kellogg, Environmental Studies, Director, Chair
  Cathy Gibson, Environmental Studies
  Judith Halstead, Chemistry
  Michael Marx, English
  Kim Marsella, Environmental Studies
  Joshua Ness, Biology(LV S'09, F'09)
  Kyle Nichols, Geosciences
  Rik Scarce, Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work
  Bob Turner, Government


      Matthew Hockenos, History (LV 08-09; Union F'08)
  Maria Lander, Foreign Languages & Literatures (1-yr replacement for Hockenos)


  Raymond Giguere, Chemistry
  Roy Meyers, Biology
  Bill Standish, Physics
  Bernard Possidente, Biology, Chair
    Michelle Frey, Chemistry
  George McNally, Academic Specialist, HEOP
  Denise Evert, Psychology
  Pat Fehling, Exercise Science


Function:  To advise the President and other College offices and bodies as appropriate regarding issues related to intercultural and global understanding.  In undertaking this work, the CIGU takes into account a comprehensive institutional view and, in particular, is guided by Goal II of theCollege's Strategic Plan.  

Membership: Director of Intercultural Studies, Director of the Office of Student Diversity Programs, Assistant Director for EEO and Workforce Diversity, 2 faculty members elected for three-year terms (one of whom will serve as Chair) 2 students appointed for one-year terms by SGA, 1 support staff member elected for a three-year term by willingness-to-serve process administered by the Office of the President, 1 representative from the Office of Admissions appointed by the Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, 1 representative from the Office of Off-Campus Study and Exchanges appointed by the Director of that office, 1 representative at-large from the Office of Student Affairs appointed by the Dean of Student Affairs, Director of the Office of Opportunity Programs or her/his designee, 1 representative from the Office of Advancement appointed by the Vice President for Advancement, 1 representative from the President's Cabinet appointed by the President, Executive Director of the Office of the President.

2011 Lisa Aronson, Art History
2011 Peter McCarthy, Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work
NA Barbara Krause, Executive Director, Office of the President, Secretary
NA Winston Grady-Willis, Director for Intercultural Studies
NA Herb Crossman, Assistant Director, EEO and Workforce Diversity
2011 Mary Jablonski, Support Staff Rep
NA Mariel Martin, Interim Director, Office of Student Diversity Programs
NA Cori Filson, Director, Off-Campus Study & Exchanges
NA Dean Mendes, Admissions Rep
NA Julia Routbort, Office of Dean of Student Affairs Rep
NA Meg Hegener, Office of Opportunity Programs Rep
NA Brad Martin, Office of Advancement Rep
NA Rochelle Calhoun, President's Cabinet Rep
2009 TBD - student rep
2009 TBD - student rep


    Bernie Possidente, Biology
  Denise Evert, Psychology, Director
  Hassan Lopez, Psychology
  Jennifer Bonner, Biology
  Katherine Zappia '09, student rep
  Benjamin Chadwick '10, student rep


   Josh Ness, Biology
  Erica Bastress-Dukehart, History
  Linda Hall, English, Chair
  Dan Nathan, American Studies


     Hugh Foley, Psychology
  Jim Kennelly, Management & Business
  Beau Breslin, Director of First Year Experience
  Michael Marx, English
  Natalie Taylor, Government
  TBD - President Periclean
  TBD - Secretary-Treasurer

RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN TASK FORCE (Chartered for 2 yr period-beginning Sept 08)

Function: to advise the President and work with appropriate groups and individuals involved with aspects of Goal III of theStrategic Plan, particularly its first point, "Foster pedagogical innovation relating to responsible citizenship; support campus initiatives that teach and exemplify this value."

Membership: Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Director of Campus Life (Co-Chair), Associate Dean of the Faculty (Co-Chair), 1 faculty representative appointed by CEPP, 4 faculty representing: Humanities, pre-professional Programs, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, 2 students: the SGA Vice President of Academic Affairs and one appointed through the SGA willingness-to-serve process, Director of Community Service Programs, 1 representative from the Office of the Dean of Special Programs, appointed by the Dean, 1 representative from Residential Life, appointed by the Director of Residential Life, 1 representative from a local community agency, appointed by the Task Force.

        David Karp, Interim Associate Dean of Student Affairs & Director of Campus Life (Co-Chair)
  Paty Rubio, Associate Dean of Faculty (Co-Chair)
  Rik Scarce, Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work (appt by CEPP)
  Charlene Grant, Foreign Languages & Literatures
  Dawn Riley, Education
  Karen Kellogg, Environmental Sciences
  Crystal Moore, Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work
  Claire Solomon '10, SGA VP for Academic Affairs
  TBD - student (appt by SGA)
  TBD - Director of Community Service Programs
  TBD - Residential Life representative
  TBD - Local Community Agency representative (appt by TF)

SELF-DETERMINED MAJORS SUB-COMMITTEE (Subcommittee of Curriculum Committee)

Membership: The SDMS is composed of five members. One faculty representative from the Curriculum Committee; three faculty representatives serving four-year staggered terms, who are appointed by the CC chair each spring for the following academic year from a list generated by a FEC-sponsored willingness-to-serve solicitation, and the Dean of Studies or a representative of the Dean of Studies Office. The CC chair and FEC will make an effort to solicit candidates for the SDMS from across the major academic divisions of the college -- Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Science and Pre-Professional programs. If an insufficient number of candidates are generated by the willingness to serve process, the Chair of the CC, in conjunction with FEC, will seek out and appoint willing faculty members. The Chair of the SDMS will be one of the three faculty members, and will serve for a two-year rotating term, preferably in the second and third year of their service.

2010 Joshua Ness, Biology (LV S'09, F'09)
2009 Catherine Gibson, Environmental Studies (1-yr replacement for Ness S'09, F'09)
2009 Michael Marx, English, Chair  ('09 specific per CC, SDMSC, FEC)
2011 Anthony Holland, Music
2012 Barbara Norelli, Library
  Tim Harper, Management & Business, Curriculum Committee rep
  Laurie Baker, Academic Advisor, Dean of Studies Office rep


  Leslie Mechem, Co-Director Women's Studies Program
  Kate Berheide, Co-Director Women's Studies Program                           
2009 Pushie Prasad, Management & Business
2009 TBD - student rep