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Skidmore College
Faculty Executive Committee (FEC)

Faculty Executive Committee (FEC)

Function: To act as the primary conduit of information and ideas into and out of the Faculty concerning all-College issues and policies; and to oversee faculty governance and faculty participation in all-College governance.

FEC fosters communication within the Faculty, via both reports to the Faculty Meeting and organization of other faculty discussion meetings and forums, about all-College issues and policies. 

The Chair of FEC shall sit on IPPC in order to strengthen communication between the two committees. FEC, together with IPPC and SGA, is responsible for the proper constitution of all-College committees and subcommittees.

FEC is responsible for coordinating the faculty governance cycle. FEC is responsible for ensuring the proper constitution of faculty committees: it issues and collects faculty preference forms, conducts elections for, and makes appointments to faculty and all-College committees; it provides advice and oversight of procedures regarding faculty appointments to search committees for senior administrative positions; and it maintains a list of all faculty members on all committees. FEC appoints an additional member to a committee if and when requested by the committee because of unusual workload. In addition, FEC reviews operating codes of all faculty committees and maintains files of annual committee reports, and FEC is responsible for ensuring that the text of the Faculty Handbook appears and remains precisely as approved by the Faculty.

FEC convenes the Committee of Committees (comprising faculty members of FEC, IPPC, ATC, PC, CAFR, CEPP, Curriculum Committee, FDC, and any current ad hoc committees whose presence FEC believes would be helpful to the Committee) at least twice a year to assess the interactions among member committees and between them and the Administration, and to discuss ongoing issues and any problems in committee operations. FEC is then required to inform the Faculty at large of the issues raised by the Committee of Committees.

Finally, FEC posts Board of Trustee Meeting minutes on its web page. (In addition, ATC, PC, and CAFR meet annually with the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees.)