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Skidmore College

Campus Sustainability Subcommittee

The Campus Sustainability Subcommittee (CSS) is one of the subcommittees of the Institutional Planning and Policy Committee (IPPC) of the college. You can review the operating code of IPPC and its various subcommittees. The CSS was restructured and new members added; it was previously known as the Campus Environment Committee.

The function of the Campus Sustainability Subcommittee is to research, review, recommend and help support the implementation of sustainability policies and procedures in such areas as waste and recycling, academics, transportation, green building, food systems, climate and energy, landscape and ecosystem management, community, diversity and equity, and communication and assessment. This includes assisting in the coordination of sustainability strategic planning and its assessment and updates. The subcommittee may create working groups to assist with this process. Secondarily, to coordinate strategic event planning and collaborative efforts between departments around these topics.

Membership 2020-2021:

Chair: Levi Rogers, Director of Sustainability Programs and Assessment

Faculty Member: Benjamin Givan, Professor, Music

Sustainability Coordinator for Student Programming: Jennifer Natyzak

Director of Facilities Services (or designee): Dan Rodecker

Associate dean of the faculty (or designee): Mark Youndt, Professor, Management and Business, Director of Sustainability for Academic Affairs

Director of Purchasing Services (or designee): Carol Schnitzer

Representative from Student Affairs: Tory Atkins, Assistant Director of Leadership Activities

Representative from Admissions and Financial Aid: Xavier McKinzie, Assistant Director, Admissions

Representative from Advancement: Arielle Fischer, Assistant Director of the Skidmore Fund

Student Representative of the Environmental Action Club: Julia Danielsen '22

Student Representative from the Sustainability Committee: Kate Phillips '23