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Skidmore College
Geosciences Department

Amy FrappierAmy Frappier

Department Chair / Associate Professor—Paleoclimatology
Formerly the Charles Lubin Family Professor for Women in Science (2009–15)
Phone: (518) 580-8371
Office Location: Annex 211 

Scientific Director, Stable isotope and Paleoclimate Analysis Laboratory (SPA Lab)


  • Ph.D. 2006, Earth and environmental sciences, University of New Hampshire Cognate; 2006, college teaching, University of New Hampshire
  • M.S. 2002, Earth system science-geochemical systems, University of New Hampshire
  • B.S. 1999, Geological sciences, University of Maine at Orono


  • GE 112 Introduction to Oceanography (every spring semester)
  • GE 211 Climatology
  • GE 311 Paleoclimatology
    • HF 300.001 Paleoclimatology Practicum
  • GE 320 Global Biogeochemical Cycles
  • GE 371 Independent Study
  • Scribner Seminar: Dangerous Earth

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  • Sarah Turner '15, Resolving seasonal hydroclimatic variability in 2200 years of calcite growth in a muddy stalagmite from Yucatan, Mexico
  • Cameron Rossington '15, A statistical analysis of tropical cyclone masking patterns in published speleothem records
  • Mary Brill '14, Stable isotope stratigraphy in Quaternary stalagmites and Devonian carbonates.
  • Maryann Countryman '13, An exploratory study of a fast-growing tropical stalagmite from the last glacial period (M.I.S. Stage 4)
  • Logan D. Brenner '12, Geochemistry of a tropical stalagmite during the last interglacial (Eemian stage)
  • Logan D. Brenner '12, Named Goldwater Scholar
  • Aurora Pinkey-Drobnis '12, ~2200 year annual layer chronology of a muddy stalagmite from Yucatan, Mexico
  • Alena Chubet '12, Speleothem stratigraphy and stable isotope analysis.
  • Valerie Schwartz '11, Stratigraphy of a tropical stalagmite from Yucatan, Mexico
  • Audrey Wronski '10, Geochemistry of a muddy stalagmite from Yucatan, Mexico using LA-ICPMS: 500 years of climate variations and volcanic signals.


  • Maria Rose Crosby, A Late Pleistocene to Mid-Holocene Stable Osygen Isotope Record form a Belize Stalagmite. MS Thesis, 2010. Boston College.
  • James Pyburn, A2,205-year record of tropical cyclone strikes near Yucatan, Mexico, from mud layers in a stalagmite. MS Thesis, 2009, Boston College


  • Baldini, L., J. U. L. Baldini, J. McElwane,  A. B. Frappier, Y. Asmerom, K.-b. Liu, K. Prufer, H. E. Ridley, V. Polyak, D.J. Kennett, C. Macpherson, V. Aquino, J. Awe, and S. F. M. Breitenbach, (in press at Scientific Reports)  Persistent northward North Atlantic tropical cyclone track migration over the past five centuries.
  • Jamieson, R. A., J. U. L. Baldini, A. B. Frappier, and W. Müller, 2015. Volcanic ash fall events identified using principal component analysis of a high-resolution speleothem trace element dataset.   Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v.  426: 36–45. doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2015.06.014.
  • Frappier, A. B., R. H. Lindemann and B. R. Frappier, 2015.  Stable isotope analysis of Dacryoconarid carbonate microfossils: A new tool for Devonian oxygen and carbon isotope stratigraphy.  Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, v. 29, n. 8:764-74.  doi: 10.1002/rcm.7159.
  • Frappier, A. B., *J. Pyburn, *A. D. Pinkey-Drobnis, X. Wang, D. R. Corbett, and B. H. Dahlin, 2014.  Two millennia of tropical cyclone-induced mud layers in a northern Yucatán stalagmite reveal multiple overlapping climatic hazards during the Maya Terminal Classic “megadroughts”. Geophysical Research Letters, v. 41, n. 14:5148-5157. doi:10.1002/2014GL059882.
  • Frappier, A. B., 2013.  Masking of interannual climate proxy signals by residual tropical cyclone rainwater: Evidence and challenges for low-latitude speleothem paleoclimatology.  Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, v. 14, n. 9: 3632–3647.  doi: 10.1002/ggge.20218.
  • Frappier, A. B. 2007. A stepwise screening system to select storm-sensitive stalagmites: Taking a targeted approach to speleothem sampling, Quaternary international. doi: 10.1016/j.quanit.2007.09.042.
  • Frappier, A. B., Knutson, T., Liu, K.-b., Emanuel, K., 2007. Coordinating paleoclimate research on hurricanes with hurricane-climate theory and modeling. Tellus A, 59: 529–537. doi:10.1111/j.1600-0870.2007.00250.x
  • Frappier, A.B., D. Sahagian, S.J. Carpenter, L.A. González, and B.R. Frappier, 2007. A stalagmite proxy record of recent tropical cyclone events. Geology, v7, n. 2: 111–114; doi: 10.1130/G23145A.
  • Frappier, A., D. Sahagian, L. A. González, and S. J. Carpenter, 2002. El Niño events recorded by stalagmite carbon isotopes, Science v. 298, n. 5593:565.



Paleoclimatology, stable isotope geochemistry, environmental geology, Earth system science, caves and karst, hurricane-climate interactions, climate change and society.


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