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Skidmore College
Geosciences Department

Student Learning Goals

The Department of Geosciences at Skidmore College seeks to engage students in a meaningful scientific exploration of our planet.  The Geosciences Major allows students, in consultation with a faculty advisor, to design programs of study to meet individual interests and goals, while developing breadth of knowledge vital to all geoscientists.  All students graduating with a degree in Geosciences from Skidmore College will be able to purse advance degrees and/or professional careers in the geologic sciences as well as related fields within the environmental sciences.  All students majoring the geosciences should also be able to demonstrate a master of fundamental principles of the geosciences as well as the modes of inquiry used by geoscientists.  Specifically students will:

  • acquire sound skills in
    • Problem-solving
    • Scientific research
    • Communication
  • acquire a broad understanding of the geosciences in general
  • develop specific knowledge of one area of geosciences in greater depth
  • apply their understanding of Earth processes in a liberal arts context to contemporary issues affecting humans
  • develop a strong foundation for professional careers in geosciences and other related fields requiring or benefitting from a geosciences background
  • develop a strong foundation for lifelong learning



Advice for Geosciences Majors

Skidmore's Career Services offers a program called Living the Liberal Arts. Alumni panelists from different majors return to campus to provide advice on their post-grad professional journeys.

On March 29, 2011, four geosciences alumni were on campus. Here's a brief clip of Matt Shrensel '09, a staff geologist for Langan Engineering and Environmental Services, providing his insights.