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Skidmore College
Geosciences Department

Welcome to the Skidmore Geology Club!

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The Skidmore Geology Club shares their love of rocks, the Earth, and outdoors with other students through coordinated events and activities.  The club plans hikes and climbing outings where students can learn to use a rock hammer or literally get face to face with rocks.  Caving trips can show other perspectives of Geology and hope to share some of the knowledge that Geoscience students get to learn in class.  BBQ's, movie nights, and other get togethers help new and old members get to know one another and get introduced into the wonderful world full of Geology.  The club hopes to share their passions with the Skidmore Community, and can be easily reached through the officers, department, or Facebook page!
Don't know the difference between basalt and granite?  Then join the Geo Club and become a rock jock!


President and Secretary: Patrick Thieringer
Vice President and Treasurer: Emma McCully

Future Events

Howe Caverns, Hiking, BBQ's/Get Togethers, Movie Nights, Loving Geology!


Patrick at, Emma at, communicate through the Geo Club's Facebook page, or contact the Geosciences Department!

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