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Skidmore College
GIS Center for Interdisciplinary Research

GIS is a combination of information, techniques, software, and creativity to present, analyze, manipulate, and interact with data that is geographically referenced. The data can be shown in relation to topics such as politics, environmental studies, geography, geology, biology, economics, business, and history.

The Skidmore GIS Center for Interdisciplinary Research provides students and faculty with the resources and expertise to incorporate GIS and related geospatial technology into course offerings and research across academic disciplines. The center is also a resource for local governments, environmental and social nonprofit organizations, and historical societies with its extensive catalog of Saratoga County socioeconomic, historic, and natural resource data.

The center supports ESRI ArcGIS 10 software and QGIS for primary GIS use, as well as related hardware (large-format scanning, printing, and GPS) and associated software packages.

To access more resources, including links to a wide variety of data sources and our peer help schedule, visit our LibGuides page here.