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Skidmore College
Governance at Skidmore College

Welcome to the homepage for Governance at Skidmore College. Here you will find links to a wide variety of information, including committee descriptions and membership lists, committee operating codes, annual reports & homepage links, the Faculty Handbook, Faculty Meeting information, contact information for the Faculty Executive Committee (which maintains this site), the Institutional Policy and Planning Committee, and the Student Government Association, and finally an archive of major reports concerning governance.

Skidmore College is committed to the principle of shared governance. The governance system is divided into three parts:

  1. Faculty Governance, overseen by the Faculty Executive Committee (FEC)
  2. All-College Governance, overseen by the Institutional Policy and Planning Committee (IPPC)
  3. Student Governance, overseen by the Student Government Association (SGA)

Coordination of these three parts occurs via the IPPC, which is chaired by the President and includes in its membership representatives of both FEC and SGA.

Questions concerning this website or concerning governance issues in general should be directed to the Faculty Executive Committee.