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Skidmore College
Latin American, Caribbean, & Latinx Studies


The Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Studies minor offers students the opportunity to undertake the comparative study of the political, cultural, and economic traditions and contemporary realities of Latin American and Caribbean countries and peoples, drawing from such disciplines as anthropology, archaeology, art history, economics, history, language, literature, and political science. It consists of a minimum of 19 credit hours (five to six courses) from the designated Latin American studies courses listed on the Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Studies program page, including the senior capstone experience, with at least two 300-level courses and with no more than two courses in a single discipline or the student's major. Up to 4 credit hours of Spanish, French, or Portuguese language at the 208 level or above may count toward the minor, as well as pre-approved courses taken abroad. One course may be "Partial Latin American Content." Each student's program will be approved by the Coordinator of Latin American studies, who serves as advisor to all minors.

If you are ready to declare the minor, or have questions about the requirements, please contact the director

This interdisciplinary minor emphasizes use of language skills in different disciplines, and requires that students demonstrate above intermediate competency in at least one regional language and complete one Languages Across the Curriculum (LAC) course, ensuring the ability to consider sources of knowledge produced in the region. Competency may be demonstrated either by demonstrating intermediate competency by taking a test offered by the World Languages and Literatures Department or successfully completing a foreign languages and literatures course at the 208 level or above.

The minor includes the following:

  1. Foundation course (one of the following) EC 282 EC 282 - Economics of Latin America or HI 111 - Latin American History: An Introduction, or LA 231 - Latinidades: Reconfiguring Identities in the U.S. or WLS 212 - Spanish-American Literature and Culture;
  2. Electives: three to four courses (minimum of 10 credits);
  3. Languages Across the Curriculum course (1 credit);
  4. Senior Capstone:
    1. One semester of LA 377 - Colloquium in Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Studies (1 credit);
    2. Latin American and Latinx Capstone Requirement (LA 371, or LA 399 A-D, or approved course in an associated discipline or program) (3 credits).

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