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Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Studies

Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Studies News

  • Activists, artists, scholars, and the community will have opportunities to engage together through in-person and virtual lectures, workshops, exhibitions, and more, highlighting a variety of perspectives from and about the borderlands, Sept. 18 through Oct. 16.
    Sep 12 2023
  • Skidmore faculty members are encouraging students to take a deeper look at the role of the United States in the world by considering the international ramifications of events in the United States and global attitudes toward this country.
    Mar 31 2021
  • Rachel Cantave, assistant professor in International Affairs and an anthropologist by training, produced the documentary film Chèche Lavi, chronicling the hopes of two Haitians who decided to leave Brazil in search of a different life in the United States. Evan Little, '21, reports on the screening and the discussion led afterwards by Cantave, whose courses, including Excavating Culture and Colorism in Paradise, examine the legacies of colonialism and imperialism in human scale.
    Apr 1 2020
  • How does a Latin American and Latinx Studies minor serve its graduates? Three alumni interviewed by Alicia Sandoval, '20 -- Victoria Malaney-Brown,'10 Tali Linton,'14 and Jane Dowd, '14 -- reflect on their studies, study abroad, and paths since graduation. A fourth, Randy Abreu, '11, participated in Skidmore's Generations event in November 2019. Share your stories:!
    Mar 31 2020
  • Check out Latin American and Latinx studies Fall 2020 courses. From Maya to Atacama astronomy, the courses will connect students with past to present, built environments, economic policies, and narcocultures, medical Spanish, the role of science in the region and more. New this fall a team-taught Colloquium, team-taught course on Latin America and Science in Fact and Fiction (LA 377), Economics of Latin America (EC 261), and The New Cuba (AN 252), the on-campus course preparing students for a January 2021 travel seminar as well as cross-listed courses from Anthropology, Economics, History, International Affairs, Sociology, and World Languages and Literatures (Spanish/French).
    Mar 30 2020
  • In 2019-2020, LALS faculty and students have delivered new courses, volunteered at home and abroad, participated in marches, delivered lectures, published essays, and more. Catch up with us here, and share your story by writing
    Mar 30 2020