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Skidmore College

President Glotzbach discusses higher education on WAMC

March 14, 2019
by Lisa Haney

Skidmore College President Philip A. Glotzbach was a guest on WAMC Northeast Public Radio’s “In Conversation With” program with Alan Chartock.

In a 50-minute interview that aired March 14, Glotzbach spoke with Chartock about a range of higher education topics, including financial aid, the significance of tenure and the value of a liberal arts education.

“What you receive … at a place like Skidmore is very close access to our faculty,” Glotzbach said. Not only are Skidmore’s faculty excellent professors who care about students' learning, they’re also researchers at the top of their fields, he said.

“If you are a student in the sciences at Skidmore you are going to have a research opportunity, which really is comparable to what you would have if you were in graduate school at a larger place,” Glotzbach added.

Regarding his plans after he steps down as president at the close of the 2019-2020 academic year, Glotzbach said he looks forward to traveling more and pursuing writing projects.

He’s jointly writing a book about democracy and higher education that also will touch upon the importance of a science education.

“I absolutely believe that to be an informed, responsible citizen — to take part in our civic life today — you have to be scientifically literate,” Glotzbach said. “You don’t need to be a Noble Laureate in physics, but you need to understand how science works.”

Listen to the full interview at WAMC.

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