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Skidmore College
  • Skidmore News
    Skidmore physics professor Mary Crone Odekon will present the college's annual Edwin M. Moseley Faculty Research Lecture, titled "Galaxies in the 21st Century," on Tuesday, March 6.
    Mar 1 2018
  • Skidmore News
    One of the principal investigators involved in recent explorations of Mars, Cornell University's Steven Squyres, will present this year's Strock Lecture, in which he will share details of the Mars Rover expeditions. The public is welcome.
    Mar 19 2010
  • Skidmore News
    A childhood fascination with the stars led to a lifetime of studying the galaxies. As a result, Vera Rubin helped discover 'dark matter'?which helps to explain galactic movement. She'll talk more about the universe in her March 2 Distinguished Scientist Lecture on campus.
    Feb 26 2010