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Skidmore College

Faculty-Staff Achievements

September 14, 2022

Paul J. Arciero, professor of health and human physiological sciences, was recently featured in a segment on the BBC on “When is the best time to exercise?”

Jason Breves, associate professor and chair of biology, published the article “Na+/HCO3-cotransporter 1 (nbce1) isoform gene expression during smoltification and seawater acclimation of Atlantic salmon” with Ian McKay ‘20, Victor Koltenyuk ‘20, and Nastasia Nelson ‘20 in the Journal of Comparative Physiology B.  

Corey R. Freeman-Gallant, professor of biology, recently co-authored “Nestling Savannah sparrows and tree swallows differ in their sensitivity to weather” in the journal Ornithology

Stephen Ives, associate professor of health and human physiological sciences, published “Physiological Responses to Speed-Matched Running on Non-Motorized Assault AirRunner versus Traditional Treadmills in Active Females: A Pilot Study” in theInternational Journal of Exercise Science with Noelle Morrow ’19, Kayla Mitchell ’19, Hannah Weighart ’19, and Diana Alonzo ’19. 

Reg Lilly, professor of philosophy, attended a conference in June organized  by the University of Södertön, Sweden, on the book “Broken Hegemonies” by Reiner Schürmann, which Lilly translated. Lilly also presented a paper on “The Analytic of Ultimates: A Traumatology” and participated in a roundtable in July at the International Phenomenological Symposium, Perugia, Italy, on Ari Hirvonen’s “Ethics and Tragedy.” 


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