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Skidmore College

Faculty-Staff Achievements

November 2, 2022

Paul Arciero, professor of health and human physiological sciences, and Karen Arciero, senior teaching associate of health and human physiological sciences, published “Exploratory analysis of one versus two-day intermittent fasting protocols on the gut microbiome and plasma metabolome in adults with overweight/obesity” in Frontiers in Nutrition, a leading physiology journal. 

Jennifer Delton, professor of history, published a review article in a special COVID-19 issue of Current History. In "American Exceptionalism Redux," Delton reviewed "Unmasked: COVID, Community, and the Case of Okoboji," by Emily Mendenhall (Vanderbilt University Press,  2022). 

Karen Kellogg, associate professor of environmental studies and sciences, published "The Impact of State Level Residential Building Code Stringency on Energy Consumption in the United States" in the journal Energy and Buildings with Nicol La Cumbre-Gibbs '20.

Jill Linz, senior instructor of physics, delivered an invited talk virtually to the International Congress of Acoustics, hosted by the Acoustic Society of Korea and the Acoustic Society of Japan. The talk was titled “Using a flipped classroom model to introduce simple harmonic motion and spectral analysis in an introductory undergraduate musical acoustics course.”


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