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Skidmore College
Off-Campus Study & Exchanges

Policies and Procedures
Eligibility Requirements

The following requirements relate to Skidmore College policies for studying off-campus on approved Skidmore or non-Skidmore programs.  Please keep in mind that some programs may require a higher GPA, that the student be in junior standing, or have other pre-requisites. Be sure to consult the information provided by the program provider for details.

  • Skidmore requires that students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 for off-campus study. Those who do not meet this requirement must petition the Committee on Academic Standing (CAS) through Off-Campus Study & Exchanges to be considered for off-campus study eligibility. CAS is responsible for final decisions regarding eligibility. 

Click here for Petition Guidelines

  • Customarily, students study off-campus for a semester or year during their junior year. Students at other stages in their Skidmore education must submit non-junior petition materials with their applications. This petition includes:

    • A letter of intent explaining why you want to study off campus outside of the junior year. This should include how you plan to remain on track with your degree requirements. 
    • One faculty letter of support, preferably from your faculty advisor