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Courses and Credits


All Skidmore in Spain students have access to courses at both of our Program Centers and one of the two Universities we partner with: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) or Universidad de Alcalá de Henares (UAH). All courses are taught entirely in Spanish. The courses offered at the Center are specifically designed for our students. The advanced language course is required for all participants.

In addition to the courses offered at the Program Centers, students usually take one to four courses at the UAM or UAH.

The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), or "Autónoma," is a large public university of over 30,000 students including undergraduates, graduates, and post-graduates. The UAM campus is situated just north of central Madrid, and the Skidmore Program Center is a short metro ride away. The Autónoma's campus has approximately 550 acres. Its academic structure consists of seven facultades, or "schools": Sciences, Law, Philosophy & Arts, Psychology, Medicine, Business & Economics, and Education. Only students living in Madrid can access UAM courses.

The Universidad de Alcalá de Henares (UAH) is considered a mid-sized public university, with over 26,000 students including undergraduates, graduates, post-graduates, and about 1,000 international students. The main UAH campus where our students study is situated in the city of Alcalá, which is located a mere 18 miles east of Madrid. The Skidmore Program Office is housed on the UAH campus. The academic structure of the UAH consists of nine facultades, or "schools": Biology, Environmental Sciences, Business and Economics, Law, Information Science, Pharmacy, Philosophy and Arts, Medicine (both Medicinal Studies and Physical Activity & Sport Sciences), and Chemistry. Students living in Madrid or Alcalá can access UAH classes.

In addition to courses offered at the universities and Program Centers there are a number of other courses offered at private studios and academies of quality and solid professional standards. In Madrid, for example, you can find art and dance classes. Students have also found many additional activity courses in Alcalá.

Participants are expected to carry a full course load of 14 to 17 Skidmore credits per semester. Students who wish to take less than a full course load must request permission from OCSE. All course work taken in Spain is reported on a Skidmore College transcript. For Skidmore students, grades are computed in the cumulative GPA, and may use all 300-level credits taken in Madrid toward fulfilling Skidmore's "maturity-level" credit requirement. Non-Skidmore students should check with their home campus for credit transfer details before applying to the program.


Internships are available in a variety of non-profit organizations, museums, schools, and business. Past students have interned at places such as the Museo del Prado, the Spanish Commission for the Aid of Refugees, the Red Cross, Hot English Magazine, Kaplan, the Fulbright Commission, and many others. Interested students should contact the OCSE Program Manager for Skidmore in Spain.

Individual and Group Tutorials

All classes offered at the UAM and UAH are taught in Spanish and are part of the regular curriculum. In order to facilitate our students' comprehension and integration into the European academic system, individual and group help is offered by the program and can be used by students for up to three hours weekly per class for reviewing class notes, clarifying points in doubt, and preparing for exams and papers. Students can also use tutors for an additional three hours to assist with grammar and spelling review in their papers before turning them in to Spanish professors.