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Office of Student Diversity Programs

On Campus Resources

Dean of Students 
Cerri Banks, Dean of Students and Vice President of Student Affairs   Luis Inoa, Sr. Associate Dean of Students and Asst. Vice President of Student Affairs                  
Case Center, 3rd Floor, 518.580.5760 (ext. 5760)

Office of Student Diversity Programs -
Latisha Barnett, Director                                                          
Case Center, 2nd Floor, 518.580.8210

Campus Safety -
Dennis Conway, Director
Jonsson Tower, Basement, 518.580.5566 (ext. 5566)
Campus Safety is available 24/7.

Career Services
Starbuck Center, 2nd Floor, 518.580.5790 (ext. 5790)
Career Services offers various Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender
career and networking resources. Check out their LGBTQ resources on your my CDC Account.

Student Wellness Center
Skidmore's Student Wellness Center is a student intiated center for advocacy, training, and education pertaining to all aspects of sexual health and sexual conduct. 

Counseling Center -
Julia Routbort, Director
Jonsson Tower, 1st Floor, 518.580.5550 (ext. 5550)

Leadership Activities -
Robin Adams, Director 
Case Center 228, 518.580.5777 (ext. 5777)

Residential Life - 
Ann Marie Przywara, Director 
Rounds Hall, 1st Floor, 518.580.5765 (ext. 5765)

Student Academic Services -
Jamin Totino, Director
Darren Drabek, International Student Coordinator
Starbuck Center, 1st Floor, 518.580.8150 (ext. 8150)