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Skidmore College
Office of the President

Skidmore offers programming and resources to encourage civic engagement

September 30, 2020

Dear Skidmore Community,  

In a year in which our nation is facing numerous critical challenges — from the COVID-19 pandemic to racial injustice to an economic recession and more — it is perhaps more important than ever that all Americans make their voices heard this election season as well-informed, engaged citizens. 

Casting a vote, informed by this process of civic engagement, is a fundamental American right and privilege, and we encourage everyone in our Skidmore community to embrace this enormous responsibility and serve our country and democracy. 

To promote and enhance civic engagement among our faculty, staff, students and broader Saratoga Springs community, Skidmore has launched a new Election 2020 webpage that brings together, through one online resource, the broad and diverse array of programs, perspectives and points of view our institution has to offer. The knowledge that our Skidmore faculty, visiting scholars, experts in industry and public life, and national and international experts and scholars bring to bear will help facilitate the kinds of educational opportunities, discussion and debate that are so essential to the democratic enterprise.   

As November approaches, we hope this programming will contribute to a better understanding of the complex diversity of America itself and the many perspectives that are competing in the public discourse. By listening, learning, engaging in respectful dialogue and casting a ballot, we will set an example as an institution of higher education and we will uphold and serve the values that make our nation great. 

Marc C. Conner