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Skidmore College
Office of the President

Statements, Messages and Speeches from President Marc C. Conner

  • In a video message, President Marc Conner extends a warm welcome to faculty, staff and students to a new semester on Skidmore’s beautiful campus, while also emphasizing the need for heightened vigilance to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
    Jan 21 2021
  • As we celebrate King, his achievements and all he stood for, President Conner reflects on King's legacy and how his work can inspire us in these troubled times.
    Jan 15 2021
  • We are now within two weeks of having our students back on campus, and although the vaccine progress is encouraging, it is clear that it will be months before vaccinations are sufficiently widespread to make a palpable difference in living with the pandemic.
    Jan 15 2021
  • I write to provide an update about COVID-19 vaccinations in New York state based on information provided to us today by the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities (CICU).
    Jan 11 2021
  • I write to provide an update on how the COVID-19 vaccine will be rolled out to our campus community. Members of our community will be eligible to receive the vaccine, however, it appears availability will not be imminent.
    Jan 9 2021
  • President Conner reflects on the significance of the events of Jan. 6, what they mean for American democracy and the importance of Skidmore College's mission and commitment to civic duty.
    Jan 7 2021
  • Skidmore is embarking on a new Campus Master Planning project to determine how future changes to the physical structure of campus can best support the College’s strategic priorities, needs and aspirations.
    Dec 16 2020
  • President Conner outlines the major and repeated issues that students of color consistently raised during recent listening sessions and shares some immediate action steps in response to some of those concerns.
    Nov 18 2020
  • I write to share an important update and announce additional measures we are taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
    Nov 16 2020
  • I write to inform you that, through our weekly testing process, we have identified four confirmed COVID-19 cases this weekend from testing on Thursday, Nov. 12, and Friday, Nov. 13.
    Nov 15 2020
  • I write to share the news that Skidmore College has joined the University of Southern California (USC) Race and Equity Center’s Liberal Arts College Racial Equity Leadership Alliance as a founding participant.
    Nov 9 2020
  • Join President Marc Conner and Luis Miranda Jr. for a lively discussion about Miranda's life, career and thoughts on fatherhood; the value of public service and the liberal arts; Miranda's involvement with Skidmore; and his thoughts on the new HBO documentary about his life, "Siempre, Luis."
    Oct 19 2020
  • In this first monthly report on the Initiative, President Conner communicates the progress that has been made on the action items presented to the Skidmore community four weeks ago on Sept. 1.
    Oct 7 2020
  • President Marc Conner expresses gratitude and kudos to students for working hard to keep COVID-19 in check throughout the first half of the fall semester.
    Oct 7 2020
  • President Marc Conner urges all members of the Skidmore community to exercise their right to vote and engage in civil discourse this election season. Skidmore has launched a new Election 2020 webpage that brings together a broad and diverse array of programs and perspectives and offers voting resources for all faculty, staff and students, as well as members of our broader Saratoga Springs community.
    Sep 30 2020
  • Skidmore+seal
    President Marc C. Conner announces the launch of the Racial Justice Initiative, a year-long series of projects that seek to address the realities of racial injustice locally, nationally and globally.
    Sep 1 2020
  • In announcing the start of a fall semester unlike any other, President Marc Conner reflects on the gravity of this historic moment and expresses his confidence in Skidmore students, faculty and staff to make responsible decisions that will keep the campus and surrounding communities safe.
    Aug 21 2020
  • This past weekend, our first cohort of students arrived to begin their quarantine period in local hotels in accord with the governor’s order. I wrote to these intrepid students to praise their grit and commitment, and to note that although this semester will indeed be a fall unlike any other, with serious challenges and frustrations, it will also give us great opportunities for service, for achievement and for community-building. I’m certain we will all never forget this year.
    Aug 12 2020
  • Skidmore College is working with the city of Saratoga Springs to ensure that the safety and rights of our entire community are respected.
    Aug 3 2020
  • Skidmore+seal
    Two events in downtown Saratoga Springs on July 30, 2020, a Back the Blue rally and a Black Lives Matter counter-protest, resulted in a police response and reported arrests that drew news media and social media attention.
    Jul 31 2020