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Skidmore College
Office of the President

Important COVID-19 Update

April 2, 2021

Dear Skidmore Community, 

Today we have seen a concerning increase in positive COVID-19 cases following this week’s on-campus testing. I am asking the entire Skidmore community to remain vigilant this weekend and continue to follow all masking and social distancing protocols. 

The College will remain at Alert Level 2 for now, but please be aware that any further increase in positive cases, among other potential factors, may necessitate a shift to Alert Level 3.  

Because of the 24- to 36-hour lag time between tests and results, we must think ahead to what might be coming based on trend lines, positivity rates in the surrounding area, possible close-contact infection and the likelihood of more contagious variants now in circulation. 

As a reminder: 

  • On-campus students may visit others on campus, but only one person per room or apartment. Off-campus students may visit other off-campus students, but only one person per apartment or house. All students visiting others must be masked and socially distanced at all times and cleared in CoVerified.
  • Students living off campus may not visit student residences on campus. Students in campus housing may not visit off-campus residences.
  • Small-group gatherings of no more than 10 individuals are permitted when individuals are masked and socially distanced at all times. Students are encouraged to utilize designated, safe outdoor spaces if they choose to gather. 
  • Whenever possible, please wear double masks as the CDC recently recommended, particularly indoors.
  • Any travel should be restricted to emergency and essential travel as much as possible.

We will continue to provide the latest figures on the Dashboard. Updates are made as results come in daily, and sometimes hourly, or more frequently if we get rapid or antigen test results from individual cases.    

Please exercise your best judgment so we can maintain our progress and finish the spring semester successfully. Our ability to do so is dependent upon the choices we make in the days ahead, both as individuals and collectively.  

Marc Conner