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S E C U R E   P R IN T   S E T T I N G S

secure print



Multifunction device information for the current fleet machines here at Skidmore College.

Click on link below for the machine that corresponds to your department.


B7025 AND B7035


B8145 AND B8155


The Xerox corporate link. Click on the link below. Check out the latest and greatest offering from Xerox!

Click on links below.
Click on links below.



Xerox SDS



Frequently Asked Questions

We are here in Case Center to serve you 8 a.m.–5 p.m, Monday–Friday.

Check out our pricing sheet! We offer:

  • Black & white print and copies
  • High-quality color print and copies
  • Binding (tape, comb, staple, glue)
  • Booklets
  • Custom cutting and folding
  • Lamination (20" max width)
  • 2- & 3-part carbonless paper (NCR)
  • Friendly service

We recommend you submit your files directly through our print request form. You can attach up to two files of any size directly to the form.

Call us anytime to report a copier issue (ext. 5939) or fill out our Machine Service Request, and we will get in touch with you promptly to resolve your issue.  
We use 0% virgin paper to 30% recycled paper in all our machines in the shop. We also use FSC certified stock.
 All of our used parts and empty toner cartridges are sent back to Xerox to be either refurbished or recycled.

For more details, check out our sustainability webpage.

 Follow the link for a tutorial from Microsoft. Merge in Word