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Skidmore College
Schick Art Gallery

Craft Matters Postcard

Craft Matters
November 7 – December 19, 2014
Works by 19 renowned artists in wood, glass, clay, fiber, and metal

Opening Reception Friday, November 7, 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

We regret to announce that the Richard Sennett lecture
originally scheduled for this Friday, November 21, has been postponed.
Please stay tuned for further information / new lecture date.

Scroll down to bottom of page for photos of Craft Matters installation and opening.

The Schick Art Gallery presents Craft Matters, an exhibition of work in fibers, metals, ceramics, wood, and glass by nineteen internationally renowned artists, organized in conjunction with the twentieth anniversary of the Raab Visiting Artist Lecture. Between 1995 and 2014, each of the Craft Matters artists visited Skidmore College and delivered a lecture on their work and career. The lecture series is named in honor of benefactor Rosanne Raab, a Skidmore College alumna, curator, and passionate advocate of the art of craft.

"Represented here are the giants of contemporary craft - the daring, innovative, tenacious masters of their disciplines. Behind the strikingly diverse range of objects in this show is a consistent chord of reverence for the idea of ‘making.’  It is significant that Skidmore College, with its first roots planted deep in the landscape of craft practice, should undertake such an exhibition.  Although the art/craft conundrum still provokes angst in some quarters, it barely registers a flutter in our studios, where making and thinking are recognized as wholly inseparable."
Art Department Chair David Peterson


Betty Woodman, Ceramics, 1995
Albert Paley, Metals, 1996
Wendell Castle, Wood, 1997
Anne Wilson, Fibers and Installation, 1998
Toshiko Takaezu, Ceramics, 1999
John McQueen, Fibers, etc., 2000
Tom Patti, Glass, 2001
Gary Griffin, Metals, 2002
Rick Hirsch, Ceramics, 2003
Lia Cook, Fibers, 2004

Rosanne Raab is a 1955 graduate of Skidmore college. She is the benefactor of the Raab Lecture series, and an enduring supporter of the arts. She has forged a highly successful career as an independent curator, lecturer, and writer, organizing exhibitions for such venues as the National Ornamental Meta Museum in Nashville, TN, and the American Craft Museum in New York, NY. Her writing has appeared in Silver Magazine, Metalsmith, and many other publications.

Myra Mimlitsch-Gray, Jewelry and metals, 2005
Wayne Higby, Ceramics, 2006
Joan Livingstone, Fibers & Installation, 2007
Sharon Church, Jewelry, 2008
Kurt Weiser, Ceramics, 2009
Warren Seelig, Fibers, etc.,  2010
Jamie Bennett, Jewelry, 2011
Sergei Isupov, Ceramics, 2012
Leonard Urso, Metals, 2013
Richard Sennett, Sociologist, Author, 2014