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Submit a class note or photo

Skidmore College welcomes news about alumni for inclusion in Class Notes. To submit a Class Note, use the form below or contact your class correspondent. 

Priority in Scope magazine will be given to news and photos reflecting professional and personal milestones or activities of general public interest. News and photos submitted on this form may also appear on Skidmore digital content, including Skidmore College website and social media accounts. 

Looking for Class Notes? The latest issue of Scope magazine contains the most recent batch of Class Notes. 

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Are you submitting a photo? Please submit photo(s) in the highest resolution possible by using this link. Below write a brief caption for each image with the names and class years of all Skidmore alumni or students shown, identifying individuals from left to right (and front row to back row). Because we receive numerous photos through this form, it is important to mention the file name(s) of the photo(s) that you have submitted.
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