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Skidmore College
Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct
Resources and Information

If you are responding to a report of misconduct

If you are responding to a report that you may have violated the sexual and gender-based misconduct policy,  you may be feeling confused, upset, or even ashamed and frightened. The Counseling Center is a confidential and professional resource for all students. A trained counselor can help you to sort through your experience and can provide you with support and information. You may also find it helpful to review campus and local policies that offer official definitions of sexual assault: see Skidmore’s sexual and gender-based misconduct policy.

If a charge of sexual or gender-based misconduct is brought against you, the Title IX coordinator or designee will offer you the option of working with a sexual and gender-based misconduct (SGBM) advisor, a Skidmore staff or faculty member who is trained to support responding students.

The SGBM advisor is trained to help the responding student understand the nature of the formal complaint and to discuss the sexual and gender-based misconduct policy and all processes involved.

The SGBM advisor assists the responding student in understanding the alleged violation of the sexual and gender-based misconduct policy, the severity of the accusations against them, the process and all possible sanctions.

The SGBM advisor may assist the responding student throughout the campus conduct process, including being present at the conduct hearing. SGBM advisors, like other advisors, may not speak at the conduct hearing.

In consultation with other college officials or faculty members where appropriate, an SGBM advisor may assist in arranging any of the following accommodations:

  • Change of on-campus student housing to different on-campus location
  • Exam (paper, assignment) rescheduling
  • Taking an incomplete in a class
  • Transferring of sections
  • Alternative course-completion options

Responding students may choose from a diverse list of potential SGBM advisors and may switch SGBM advisors at any point should they choose.

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