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Skidmore College
Stable Isotope and Palæoclimate Analysis Laboratory

Seeking funding that would make it possible to return to operations

After a very successful five-year run, Associate Professor of Geosciences Amy Frappier and former Lab Manager Brian Frappier Ph.D. are seeking funding that would make it possible to return to operations. The equipment and machine have time available, but I don’t have the time to analyze small sample batches. To inquire about the possibility that we might be able to accommodate large outside projects (thousands of samples), contact Amy Frappier, Geosciences Department chair, at or 518-580-8371.

Analytical Services

The SPA lab offers a variety of analytical services for estimating the isotopic composition of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen in natural-abundance samples. The exact analysis techniques differ based on the element of interest and the nature of the sample material. For an explanation of the lab's capabilities, requirements for sample submission and rates for a particular analysis, select an analysis technique from the menu based on your needs. We have additional capabilities than the commonly listed techniques; please contact the lab manager if you do not see your desired analysis (e.g. sulfur isotopes, gaseous N2).