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Skidmore College
 Skidmore College Student Handbook


The co-curricular and residential programs at Skidmore consider students to be emerging adults ready to take responsibility for their learning, the quality of their social environment, and their daily life. We support students’ rights to privacy, freedom of inquiry and expression, and participation in College governance. We also expect students to meet high standards for academic integrity and personal conduct.

Staff members in the offices and programs in Student Affairs work with students as mentors, coaches, advisors, tutors, and guides. They help students assess their academic and personal needs, share information about on-campus learning opportunities, and facilitate students’ access to those opportunities. They will work with students to foster a social environment conducive to learning, and they will expect students to observe the Honor Code, expectations for academic integrity, the Code of Social Conduct, and other College policies and regulations. They will also hold students accountable for any misconduct.

We promote responsible community membership and positive relationships through the values of honesty, integrity, and consideration for others. We do this by educating students on the impact of their behavior, promoting thoughtful decision-making, and encouraging them to become engaged and responsible citizens of the Skidmore Community and beyond. The student conduct process is anchored in various restorative practices that aim to hold students accountable for their behavior while at the same time, helping them to acknowledge and understand the impact of their actions on individuals and the greater Skidmore College community.