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 Skidmore College Student Handbook

Student Handbook


The Skidmore College Student Handbook, produced each year by the Student Affairs division of Skidmore College, presents the policies and procedures concerning the Skidmore Code of Social Conduct and students’ rights and responsibilities. Each student is responsible for becoming familiar with all the information contained in the Student Handbook. Skidmore College reserves the right to add, delete, revise, or change the information, including all policies and procedures, set forth in the Student Handbook. All students are encouraged to review the Student Handbook at the start of each academic year and as necessary throughout the academic year. Skidmore College is an educational community committed to learning and personal development. The offices and programs in Student Affairs support, deepen, and extend the academic program by providing co-curricular and residential programs that promote academic accomplishment, citizenship, diversity, leadership, and personal responsibility.

2023 - 2024 Student Handbook


The Student Handbook was updated as of September 2023.