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Skidmore College
 Skidmore College Student Handbook



Information about points

Points are designed to discourage high risk AOD use. The number of points assigned correlates with the level of risk of the behavior in which the student was engaging. 

Points were developed in order to make the disciplinary sanctioning process clearer and more consistent for students. A student found responsible for violating College policy is assigned points according to the table below.  Points and/or other sanctions are assigned at the conclusion of the administrative conference process. Points will expire one year after the incident provided the student is not found responsible for any additional violations of College policy during that time, and all sanctions are complete.

Point Chart

Behavior Point Range
A - Underage possession/consumption of alcohol, possession of an open container in a public place on campus, or unauthorized possession/consumption of alcohol at a College event 2
B - Possession of alcohol paraphernalia 1-2
C - Possession/consumption of alcohol in a residence hall 1
D - Possession or use of marijuana or drug paraphernalia (less than 3 ounces) 2
E - Alcohol possession/consumption posing a substantial risk to one’s health or safety/health or safety of others 3-5
F - Disorderly Conduct due to Intoxication 3-5
G - Public Intoxication 3-5
H - Games of Mass Consumption 2-4
I - Social Hosting (Hosting behavior in violation of this policy in your living space, providing alcohol to underage individuals, hosting an unauthorized event with alcohol, failing to comply with all party registration requirements in the apartments) 2-4
J - Possession of a criminal amount of marijuana (3 ounces or more) 3-5
K - Possession or use of an illegal substance or the use of any substance in a way that was not intended for the purpose of altering mood, perception and/or performance without medical advice 4-7
L - DUI/DWI 7-10
M - Production, sale, or distribution of any illegal substances, e.g. marijuana, stimulants, and prescription drugs, etc.  6-10


A student’s total number of accumulated points corresponds with a status, as well as additional sanctions, restorative outcomes, and/or restrictions.

  • A total of 1-4 points equates to a warning status.
  • A total of 3 or more points will result in parent/guardian notification when the responding student is under the age of 21, or a dependent for tax purposes.
  • A total of 5-9 points equates to a Disciplinary Probation status. This status also applies to a student’s housing. Being on disciplinary probation may impact a student’s eligibility to participate in the housing selection process, remain on campus during break periods (including early arrival and late departure), and may result in an administrative housing reassignment.
  • Total of 7 points or more may result in removal from housing.
  • A total of 10 points will result in a recommendation of suspension or expulsion (depending on the student’s comprehensive student conduct history) to the VPSA/DOS.

Please be advised that in addition to points, violations of the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy may result in the following: educational sanctions, educational fee, or parent/guardian notification. Please see the text above for additional information regarding these sanctions.